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"Benvenuti is able to catch such present touches never forgetting past grandeur. Indeed, he sometimes delights in blending toghether magic philtres and the inspiration of a never irriverent young man....Benvenuti’s women, entangled in veils, walk as floral apparitions through field full of cars where the scent of their bodies melts into petrol odour, although, since the poet has the power to wipe them out in any moment, cars cannot be seen. What else can I say? When a painting makes you dream, it has attained its aim..."
"...His protagonist is…a woman, set before us in a charming procession, with a renaissance flavour conveyed by hints of veils and drapery, and a parade of glances and beautiful eyes wide open on the canvas... they are certainly beauties, suggestive and full of promises, and yet capable of sublimating every earthbound instinct in the rarified atmosphere of pure contemplation and thought..."

"Benvenuti’s artistry lies in this knowing pretence of the attainable quality of the beautiful, but also in the exquisite melancholy with which he suggests the impossibility of achieving true love, through a scarcely suppressed smile, the hint of a gesture or a background caressed by colour. It takes a good deal of skill to achieve such balance in composition and design, but most of all soul and a great love of the world, man and things."
"In front of Riccardo Benvenuti’s images your mind wonders where does their secret enchantment come from, where do the deep reasons of the seduction they wield on the observer hide..."

"...this Creature ...is left in an enigmatic ring... the innocence of her modesty hides the thrill of morbidness..The sign of a love promise weakly makes its way into the unapproachability of her smile, a glimpse of an imperceptible proposal is catched through her humblest attitude... This creature is a harmony of heaven and earth, sublime and corruption, ascetism and downfall...of all these metamorphosis Riccardo Benvenuti is the infallible director..."
"...Benvenuti seems to say that only the feeling can rescue us...A feeling that is the retrieval of our reality... The feature of the images by this artist from Lucca is, indeed, to bring attention through something that immediately turns into feeling, to hold it and then disclose it in a larger aesthetic perception, in a more subtle and deep understanding... It's not a cry but simply a meditation that makes us remember that a face of a woman or a huge cathedral is a part of us, as time, and we have to look at them as a reference mark in ownership, never forgetting its worth."
"...On the other hand, what an image could be rather than surface, a bare symbol of just imaginable feelings? If that is true, Benvenuti seems to play the game in an extremelly effective way proposing us not "figures" but "reproductions" of figures that are the only thing we can pick out in the world of modelled copies we live and work in..."

"...authentic anxiety...in front of the revelation of the lack of feelings of the beautiful biological objects that populate the world of mass heremits convict to live their huge loneliness...Benvenuti makes himself interpreter of this loneliness, an interpreter without irony and overt anguish: this loneliness remains within him like a knut that belongs to him and he cannot transpose in the fragile structure of the "courtly" image without breaking its smooth orders, its light harmonies."

Cod. 1463, Racconto segreto
"Secret Story"
Cod. 1463

Reproductions on canvas


Protected Area

  • 27/11/2009
    Galleria d’Arte La Loggia
    Le Donne e i sogni è il titolo della mostra che si inaugurerà sabato 28 novembre 2009 alla Galleria La Loggia di Sansepolcro (Ar).
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
  • 21/9/2007
    Incontro di Benvenuti con Giorgio Napolitano
    Riccardo Benvenuti è stato ricevuto dal pres. della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano, in occasione della giornata sull'Informazione svoltasi al Quirinale in data 18 settembre 2007.
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
  • 9/7/2007
    Riccardo Benvenuti a Peccioli 8 - 31 luglio
    Inaugurata a Palazzo Fondi Rustici di Peccioli (Pi), nel Museo Collezione Incisioni e Litografie Vito Merlini, la mostra personale del pittore Riccardo Benvenuti "Le Stagioni della musica", organizzata dalla Fondazione Peccioliper.
  •   [>>Image]
  • 6/11/2006
    Calendario Atorn 2007
    Realizzato con 12 splendidi dipinti di Riccardo Benvenuti il Calendario 2007 dell'Atorn (l’associazione toscana per la ricerca neurologica) distribuito in tutte le librerie italiane con l’obiettivo di raccogliere fondi per la ricerca neurologica.
  • [>>View
  • 18/3/2005
    Dipinto di Benvenuti nei biglietti della Lotteria di Agnano
    Uno straordinario riconoscimento alla carriera artistica del pittore lucchese: "Varenne" immortalato nel ritratto ufficiale di Riccardo Benvenuti, è diventato il logo utilizzato per promuovere l'immagine della "Lotteria Gran Premio di Agnano" 2005.
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
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