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Riccardo Benvenuti, was born in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy) in 1939. He lives and works in Lucca, New York and Los Angeles. At a very early age he caught the attention of the critics and his work is shown in the most important galleries and museums in Europe, North and South America.

At the request of the Puccini Foundation, in the occasion img of the fiftieth anniversary of Giacomo Puccini's death, Benvenuti prepared a series of exhibitions dedicated to the "lucchese" composer and his heroines at the Lincoln Center Metropolitan in New York, at Chicago and Madrid.

In collaboration with Salvador Dalì he designed the "Medaglia dell'Augurio", coined by the Golden Market of Milan.

He has designed posters for the soccer World Cup, the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Boxing World Championships and the "Giro d'Italia" cycle race.

With the auspices of the Theatrical Museum of La Scala, he has created an exclusive series of collector's porcelains entitled "Puccini's Women", produced by the Bradford Exchange, (Chicago USA).

From 1980 till today he painted most of the wall paintings in Tuscan churches and in particular the hagiographical themes in the Saint Rita church in Margine Coperta (Pistoia - Italy).

In the publishing field he has illustrated children books including "Gnenco the pirate" by Vincenzo Pardini, published by Emme Einaudi.

In 1991, Giorgio Mondadori & Associati published a monograph, introduced by Paolo Levi, which covers his entire output.

For the Italian Cinema he worked to create the scenography for "Metronotte" with Diego Abatantuomo, presented in 2000.

img In June 2001 for the Centenary of the death of Giuseppe Verdi, under the favor of the Minister of Culture and the Italian Embassy, he was invited for a personal exhibition in Nairobi (Kenya) on the theme "Verdi and Italian Opera".

In May 2003, he was invited by the Ministry of culture of Cuba for a personal exhibition in the old Museum Palacio de los Capitanes Generales (Hoficina del Historiador), world heritage of Unesco in La Habana.
In September 2003 he realized, under the Italian Presidency of EU, a personal exhibition "Fado, Faces and Landscapes" in the Museum Casa do Fado e da Guitarra Portoguesa in Lisbone.

Between 2003 and 2004 commissioned by Costa Crociere he realized the series of «big paintings» used to decorate the decks on the Costa Fortuna boat and some of the them the Costa Magica suites, the two largest cruises ships ever build in Italy.

In June 2004, on occasion of the European Football Championship, he has been chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the only painter representing Italy in the collateral manifestations called "Cultural Italy comes into play", creating an exposition on the theme "The dream of Football" in the "Casa Azzurri" in Lisbone.

In September and in December 2004 he set up the «Butterfly» exhibition, for the 100th year of the «Madama Butterfly», opera by Giacomo Puccini, first in the Museum of the Cathedral in Lucca, and then Panciatichi Palace in Florence, where the Regional Council of Tuscany is located.

In December 2004 he painted the first official portrait of «Varenne» for Snai SpA. The painting was used as the logo on the Horses Italian Grand Prix Lottery tickets of Agnano, in May 2005.

The reproductions of the works present in this site are all under copyright. Any use of such images, in full or in part, has to be previously sanctioned by the author. Any fraudulent use of these images will be prosecuted by law.

Cod. 1676, Diana Cacciatrice
"Diana Cacciatrice"
Cod. 1676

Reproductions on canvas


Protected Area

  • 27/11/2009
    Galleria d’Arte La Loggia
    Le Donne e i sogni è il titolo della mostra che si inaugurerà sabato 28 novembre 2009 alla Galleria La Loggia di Sansepolcro (Ar).
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
  • 21/9/2007
    Incontro di Benvenuti con Giorgio Napolitano
    Riccardo Benvenuti è stato ricevuto dal pres. della Repubblica Giorgio Napolitano, in occasione della giornata sull'Informazione svoltasi al Quirinale in data 18 settembre 2007.
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
  • 9/7/2007
    Riccardo Benvenuti a Peccioli 8 - 31 luglio
    Inaugurata a Palazzo Fondi Rustici di Peccioli (Pi), nel Museo Collezione Incisioni e Litografie Vito Merlini, la mostra personale del pittore Riccardo Benvenuti "Le Stagioni della musica", organizzata dalla Fondazione Peccioliper.
  •   [>>Image]
  • 6/11/2006
    Calendario Atorn 2007
    Realizzato con 12 splendidi dipinti di Riccardo Benvenuti il Calendario 2007 dell'Atorn (l’associazione toscana per la ricerca neurologica) distribuito in tutte le librerie italiane con l’obiettivo di raccogliere fondi per la ricerca neurologica.
  • [>>View
  • 18/3/2005
    Dipinto di Benvenuti nei biglietti della Lotteria di Agnano
    Uno straordinario riconoscimento alla carriera artistica del pittore lucchese: "Varenne" immortalato nel ritratto ufficiale di Riccardo Benvenuti, è diventato il logo utilizzato per promuovere l'immagine della "Lotteria Gran Premio di Agnano" 2005.
  • [>>View] [>>Image]
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